The ultimate lighting experience

Light means emotion. This is something I have discovered in the 40 years I have been working creatively with light. The ultimate symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality creates not only a beautiful interplay of light, but also a happy feeling. A feeling linked to the experience of light that we also find in nature – thanks to sunlight. From the fresh, white morning light that helps us wake up to the soft orange, almost red evening light that helps us relax again in the evening. Claeys Verlichting introduces nature into your home, flat, office or showroom.


In the video below, I explain to you my philosophy of light.

The art of light

Besides functional light, you can also turn to Claeys Verlichting for ‘haute couture’ lighting. Are you looking for that one perfect eye-catcher for your stairwell, hallway or a masterpiece as a mood setter above your living room table?

Exclusive chandeliers

Together with several artists, we have created three different lines of ‘pièce unique’ chandeliers over the past few years: metal, carbon and crystal. I managed to build a unique relationship with each of them. They convert the ideas I envision with my clients into luxurious, contemporary creations that finish off a space. So, I am happy to give them the floor.


Sebastiaan Vandeputte: magic with carbon

Roel Haagmans & Clarissa Dorn: the magic of crystal
Fred van Vliet: juggling with metal